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Acupuncture is the introduction of needles in the body to regulate the flow of internal energy. Its an art that originated in China and the first documented reference to it dates back to 100 BCE in the book “ The yellow emperor’s classic of internal Medicine”. It was introduced to the US in 1971 when Chinese demonstrated an emergency appendectomy with Acupuncture Anesthesia. Today it is widely practiced in the US and has been extensively researched to establish its effectiveness. The theory on which Acupuncture is based is that we have energy or Qi that runs through imaginary channels. When this flow is blocked there is excess at some place and deficiency at other. This imbalance leads to disease. Needles open the blockages in energy channels and through their effect on internal organs increase the energy and optimize function. My Acupuncture work is rooted in principles of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Herbal MedicineEach herb in its color, taste, texture carries energetics and properties, that when correctly prescribed and combined can gently bring the body back to balance. In most cultures herbs have been a part of everyday diet. Chinese herbal formulas are intricately designed group of herbs that often balance each other and come together to perform the desired action. I prescribe herbal formulas in the form of powders, pills, tinctures or raw herbs to be boiled in teas.

Functional Medicine:

Functional Medicine focuses on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine and immune systems of the patient. The treatment is based on the fact that diet, nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins play central roles in predisposition to illness. Management is through dietary modification and Nutritional supplements that support the dual processes of cleansing and tonifying.To my mind, in its essential philosophy and basics it is a very modern version of chinese medicine with tremendous advancement in understanding of bio chemical processes, diagnostic and lab parameters. To this sophistication of medicine I  bring intricacy and refinement of Chinese herbal formulas.


The art of Spinal Manipulation is very old being an integral part of Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions. While its efficacy has been proved in the area of pain management, it is no secret that structure affects function. I have often found that in removing structural blockages you not only release tension in musculoskeletal system but also help the body function optimally. My Chiropractic work is focused on low force techniques like  Network Spinal Analysis, Activator methods and gentle osseous adjusting. I combine them with deep tissue therapies that helps maintain the corrections for a longer period of time.

Dr. Tirtha Mendake provides integrative treatments to patients from throughout San Francisco from her practice, Avaya Wellness Center, located in the SoMa neighborhood. She provides a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, chiropractic, and nutritional wellness consultations. She treats a variety of conditions including GERD, whiplash, headaches, insomnia, and bloating. Patients benefit from her holistic approach to achieve their health and wellbeing.

Dr. Mendake grew up in India, where she was exposed to traditional healing methods from an early age. These experiences directed her training, leading her to study in the fields of conventional medicine, acupuncture, yoga, herbs and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Mendake completed her medical training at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College in Indore, India and practiced there before emigrating to the United States. She obtained a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay area in 2001. In 2009, she went back to school for a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she also studied herbology. Dr. Mendake holds certifications from the California Acupuncture Board and National Board of Chiropractic examiner. She is also a licensed acupuncturist and a yoga alliance certified instructor.

At her office, Avaya Wellness Center in the SoMa area of San Francisco, Dr. Mendake offers a wide range of therapies to help people heal. Her specialties include integrative management of musculoskeletal pain presentations, primary health care, digestive disorders and chronic diseases. Her unique background and training allow her to bring a broad range of therapeutic options to each case and to tailor care to the individual patient. Her therapeutic recommendations could include anything from Acupuncture to yoga to the use of herbs or nutritional supplements. She also has a strong commitment to both patient and professional education, and regularly conducts patient education lectures and professional seminars on integrated pain management.

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At Avaya Wellness Center, we accept most insurance plans. We accept United health care, Aetna and Blue Shield PPO plans. We are in network for Cigna and Blue Shield. If you don’t see your insurance on the list, we are happy to check your benefits for you. Please enter your insurance information in the online request for appointment to get details on your benefits.

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    "I highly recommend her. If it weren't for her, I would still be suffering - now my shoulder is almost pain free!"

    Suji C.
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    "She is more then a skillful chiropractor, but a good teacher that taught me exercises for my body and a great listener."

    June L.
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    "Can't say enough about Dr. Tirtha as she is an acupuncturist and a chiropractor. She has helped me with a lot of neck and low back pain. Check her out!"

    Alex F.
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