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When residents of San Francisco suffer from uncomfortable bloating, they can make appointments with Dr. Mendake at the Avaya Wellness Center, conveniently located in the SoMa neighborhood. She offers a wide range of conventional and alternative therapies to help patients improve their health and wellbeing.

Bloating Q & A

What is Bloating?

Bloating occurs when you have excess air or gas in your stomach. Swallowing air (on purpose or by accident) and the natural process of food digestion can cause bloating, but in a healthy digestive system, these gasses are either passed along with the intestinal contents or released with belching (burping). Bloating becomes a problem when it is always present or your stomach is badly distended, or when it causes pain.

Do Other Symptoms Accompany Bloating?

The cardinal symptom of bloating is abdominal distention from the trapped air. Your body may try to rid itself of the problem by causing you to burp. Burping can be accompanied by heartburn or even feelings of nausea. When you are bloated, you may also pass large quantities of gas as the trapped gasses make their way through the digestive system.

Is Bloating a Sign of Disease?

Bloating is a symptom rather than a disease or condition. It can accompany or signal a larger problem. Bloating often occurs in people who have irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance. If the bacteria in your intestines are not properly balanced, bloating may be one of the signs. Some medications can cause bloating. Serious medical problems like abdominal tumors, celiac disease, and ovarian cancer may also have bloating as one of the symptoms, and an intestinal obstruction can also cause bloating.

How is Bloating Treated?

Treatment for bloating depends on the cause. A thorough workup rules out more serious conditions like cancer or irritable bowel syndrome. Some of the basic self-care strategies are to avoid known gas-producing foods like beans, cabbage, carbonated drinks, chewing gum (which increases the risk of swallowing air), and onions. Probiotics can help rebalance the bacteria in the intestines. If a food intolerance is the problem, dietary changes are usually in order. Acupuncture can help direct the flow of the gas downwards and thereby relieve the distension you feel in the abdomen. It is also helped by effective nutritional protocols that prevent the creation of excess gas in the first place. Herbs can help improve the digestion and thus the bloating.

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