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Dr. Tirtha Mendake treats headaches with a variety of therapies including chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine. Residents of San Francisco, California who suffer from headaches can make an appointment at Avaya Wellness Center, in the SoMa neighborhood of the city.

Headaches Q & A

How Common Are Headaches?

It's a rare individual who can report never having had a headache. The World Health Organization reports that the most common type, tension headaches, affect one-third of all adults in developed countries. As many as one adult in twenty has a headache nearly every day. Migraine headaches are nearly three times more common in women than in men, and affect at least one adult in seven throughout the world. Headaches can be disabling if they are severe and/or frequent.

Are All Headaches the Same?

There are at least seven different types of headaches. Hangover headache results from too much alcohol, while eating or drinking something very cold can cause what's known as an “ice cream” headache. Tension headaches result from tight muscles in the neck and scalp. If you are exhausted or your eyes are strained, that can cause a headache. Migraines are a well-known type of headache that may be accompanied by flashing lights, nausea, and vomiting. Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches, and some people are susceptible to exercise-induced headaches.

What's a Migraine Headache?

Migraines are intense, throbbing headaches that often occur in the same location. Some people get a “migraine aura,” which can include visual disturbances, speech difficulties or a feeling of pins and needles in an arm or leg. Severe migraines can last up to 72 hours. Genetics, hormones, environmental factors, and disturbances in brain chemicals all seem to play a part in migraine, although scientists haven't determined exactly what causes these headaches.

How are Headaches Treated?

Treatment depends on diagnosis, which can sometimes be tricky, as people can have more than one type of headache and the symptoms can be similar. Pain medications can control symptoms but don't get at the root cause. Tension headaches often respond to stress management techniques, massage, and acupuncture. A headache caused by a neck misalignment can often be helped with chiropractic treatment. Migraines are the hardest to treat and often require lifestyle changes like dietary modification. Yoga is often helpful for different kinds of headaches because it helps relieve stress and relax muscles.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Avaya Wellness Center, we accept most insurance plans. We accept United health care, Aetna and Blue Shield PPO plans. We are in network for Cigna and Blue Shield. If you don’t see your insurance on the list, we are happy to check your benefits for you. Please enter your insurance information in the online request for appointment to get details on your benefits.

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